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Nehemiah 8:10 tells us that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength!  That is what we want children to learn this year.  That Joy does not come because of things or a feeling, but JOY, true JOY, comes from the Lord.  And we are going to have a very good time learning this truth.

You may remember the show from the 70's entitled Hee Haw. Well, we are going to follow that just a little. The adults will have fun but the kids will just enjoy the laughter, games, and learning about God's true Joy.

You will find a booklet at the bottom of this page that contains everything you need to prepare for you Kidz Storm Hee Haw. It is in PDF format. Download it and start getting ready today. From worker's lists, promotion, preparation and more, everything you need is right there waiting for you. You will also find posters, videos, flyers and other items that will help you promote and advertise your Kidz Storm.

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Meet the Professor, The Kids will love him and all of our other digital puppets.


New this year will be our faithful friend Buddy! He will help to teach us about the "buddy" who sticks closer than a brother.  

Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating this year, may we suggest that you follow along with anything that is farm related.  We will fill the stage with the cornfield, cows, and much more.  But from there you can add all kinds of ideas.  Anything that has to do with a farm, cornfield, hay or much more. Let your imagination run wild.  Oriental Trading and Shindigs both have some great ideas that you can purchase, but I assure you that people in your church have lots of things you can use as well.  So, have fun.  Use it all and let's have fun teaching our kids just how much fun we can all have as children of God!

Worker Recruiting Videos

George Bush Heroes

Kidz Storm Volunteers

Penny Offering Mission Project

This year our penny offering is going to help Steve and Cheryl cover the cost of their new trailer. After 9 years and over 250,000 miles it was time to replace their old trailer. The last half of last year they were able to raise some money for the trailer but they were only able to raise half of the amount needed. It would be such a blessing to have the trailer completely paid for and be able to focus on the task at hand. Your help would be greatly appreciated and you would be investing in the lives of children all across America.  

A Video for Altar Workers to Watch

 Here is a great video for your altar workers to watch. This will help them to be prepared to work with the kids that come in the invitation. This is the video that we make all of our interns watch and this is the way we deal with children. I think you will find it very beneficial.

Kidz Storm Hee Haw Songs

To be posted in a couple of weeks.

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