What is Cool Kids Ministries

That is the question that everyone wants answered. So let's answer it. We are a group of people who truly desire to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How do we do this?
We accomplish this through:

  • Kidz Storms (fast paced, high energy 90 minute program for kids)
  • Camps
  • Nights of Illusions (Public school magic shows that invite entire families to come see a one hour stage magic show at night)
  • Ventriloquist programs
  • Juggling programs
  • Missions outreach programs (we work in Ukraine, Romania, Taiwan, and Haiti on a regular basis)
  • Teacher training programs to teach others to do what we do
  • Interns - We invest in young people (high school and college students) to train them through hands on ministry to effectively reach this generation.

We are Cool Kids Ministries and we are passionate about reaching kids, because Jesus was passionate about reaching us. Therefore we are out to change the world, one child at a time!

Steve & Cheryl

Founders of Cool Kids Ministries!

Love Kids!

We really do love Kids!

Cool Kids International Ministries

Reaching Kids Around the world with the gospel of christ

In 2010 God began to open a door for Cool Kids Ministries to work with MANNA Worldwide to reach children around the world.  Since that time we have helped to raise money and physically build Smile House, a Bridge to Life Home, located just outside of Kiev, Ukraine.  We have also been able to supply Christmas gifts for kids in Komorivka orphanage and run a Camp for Kids in the Cherkasy orphanage.  God has also allowed us to help start a work in Haiti, building a church, feeding center and a school.  And while all of that was happening, we have also been able to work with a large Christian School System in Taiwan called Morrison Academy.  The door are continuing to open and we have more plans for the future.  Please keep checking on us often.  We would love to have you as part of what we are doing.  Please click on the picture below to learn more.  `

Smile House, Ukraine

Haiti, Church, Feeding Center, School

Morrison Academy, Taiwan

A ministry, a dream, and a bunch of kids across America have touched lives for eternity

In 2015 Cool Kids Ministries began raising money to build a church, feeding center and school in Jerusalem, Haiti.  Working with MANNA Worldwide, and missionaries, Chuck Ward and Leny Funtecha kids of America did something that had never been done before with MANNA.  They raised the money!  In the fall of 2015 building began and in February, Steve and Adam visited Haiti and actually preached in that church.  By July of 2017 the feeding center opened and in the fall of 2016 so did the school.  Today approximately 100 children are being educated and fed every day by the school and feeding center and the church runs almost 300 in attendance and is continually growing.  Since then Cool Kids Ministries has purchased a motorcycle for Pastor Augustine in order for him to be able to get water from the well (5 miles away) to the feeding center, and to make it easier for him to visit his flock.  We have also purchased a motorcycle for another pastor, helped purchase land for a church in Leogane (there are over 40 Voodoo Temples in that town). As of now, 2021, we have helped to expand the orphanage, helped to start a school for the deaf and helped many other churches and pastors in Haiti. Please pray that the civil unrest will end soon and we can continue to go back to Haiti and make a difference, one child at a time! 

Inside the Jerusalem Church

The finished product.  After all of the building the paint was applied and benches, that also double for school work was built.  As you can see, there are more people than there are benches.  Good problems.

Steve Preaching

In February of 2016 Steve and Adam visited the church at Jerusalem, Haiti and Bro. Steve got to preach to the people that morning.  What a dream come true.  Thank you Lord for giving us the desires of our hearts!

Steve, Adam and Pastor Augustine

This is Pastor Augustine.  He oversees the flock in Jerusalem and is doing an excellent job.  Please keep him in your prayers as God leads him to lead the people of Jerusalem.

The Motorcycle

Pastor Leny Funtecha and Pastor Oges with his motorcycle.  It is 5 miles to the nearest well, so we were able to purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Oges so water could be brought back to the feeding center.

The Children of Haiti

From the moment we arrived in Haiti, the children captured our hearts.  Seeing them and knowing that without the love of Christ they have no hope.  It is a thrill to be able to know they now have some food, education and a chance to learn about Christ.

The Church at Leogane

This is the church in Leogane.  There were over 200 in the little building the morning we were there.  Many trusted Christ. There are also 26 Voodoo Temples in the town.  We want to go back this coming year and do a program in Leogane to reach many for Christ.  Please pray with us.

In 2016 Steve and Adam began traveling to Taiwan and working with Morrison Academy.  Morrison is a large Christian School system located in three different cities in Taiwan.  There are campuses in Taipei, Taichung and in Kaohsiung.  Morrison was first stated in 1952 to meet the needs of missionary children, but has since expanded to become a college preparatory facility where students can learn in a distinctively Christian environment with a quality American education and all teaching is done in English.  Each year in January Cool Kids Ministries has been able to travel to Taiwan and conduct a Spiritual Emphasis Week at one or more of the campuses.  It is a lot of fun and it is a thrill to see children and adults give their lives to Christ.  God has also opened doors with missionaries and other churches for chances to speak on the weekends.  Adam's uncle, John Walz, is a missionary in Kaohsiung and Adam and Ashley always spend time with them working in their church.  Steve and Cheryl personally support David and Cherie Green and have worked with them as well.  Please pray as God continues to open doors in Taiwan that souls will be saved and lives will be changed for His Kingdom! This last trip we were able to see over 50 young people make professions of faith in Christ.  What a trip!


It is a lot of fun to go into a classroom and share with the students what God has called you to do.  Adam is showing these students how he works with a puppet.

Steve and Adam

Lots of classes will have question and answer times.  Where students get to ask about our lives in America, what we believe, why we believe it and more.  It is a thrill to share what God has done in our lives.

Adam and Taz in Chapel

Each day we get to have a special chapel with the students.  We share from God's word all that he has done for us and what all He can do for them.  Many have come to Christ during these Chapels.

Steve teaching in Chapel

No matter where we are, getting to share the love of Christ never gets old.  Here we are in a chapel in Kaohsiung sharing Jesus with these students.  It was awesome to see many of them come to Christ after this chapel.

Taiwan Children

Children are children the world over.  They don't want to sit still, they talk too much, and play around and just want to have fun.  They also all need to hear about Jesus and his love for them, no matter where they.

All School Chapel

Two times each week we get to have the entire school for a chapel service.  This is one such chapel in Taipei.  It is a lot of fun to get them all singing and laughing at the same time.  

Magic Show for the Greens

On one of our weekends we got to go to Tainan and do a magic show for the Greens.  It was awesome.  There was a packed house.  The Greens had lots of prospects as a result and we made lots of new friends.  

What a note!

This was a note given to us by one of the kids that got saved while we were in Taiwan in 2017.  None of us are worth being near God, yet he chose to be near us.  Wow!  This is a child who gets it.  To all of you who make it possible for us to do what we do, Thank You!  The rewards will be waiting in heaven to meet you!

Steve and cathy

If you have ever heard Steve talk about the young girl who emails him from Taiwan, then here she is.  This is Cathy.  She has a heart for Christ and a love for her parents.  Please pray that her Dad and Mom will some day come to Christ as a result of her witness.

Smile House - Ukrainian Camps - Orphaned Children - and More

In 2010 the door opened for Cool Kids Ministries to begin ministering in Ukraine.  We first started with helping raise funds for a Bridge to Life Home called Smile House.  From there God gave us an open door to minister at a camp in a little town called Kreshatick.  God has continued to open doors in Ukraine, and now Seth and Alex have a sister church they work with and we also have Camp Willow Park which we can reach literally hundreds of kids with the love of Christ.  Please continue to pray as the ministry in Ukraine continues to grow and doors continue to open.

Smile House

From what it looked like in the beginning till today, well, it is just amazing.  This home can take care of a lot of kids and teach them the love of Christ and prepare them for a solid future.

Smile House Family

Here are Vlad and Nadia Rezmer.  They are the house parents and these are their children and some if the kids living there at the time Smile House was dedicated in 2014.  It is awesome to see all that God has done.

Dinner with Friends

On one of our trips, we were able to take most of the kids at Smile House out for dinner one night.  What a thrill to see something come to completion and see kids lives being changed for the glory of God!.

Shawn  and Vlad

Shawn Sullivan is now the MANNA Worldwide director for Eastern Europe and oversaw the dedication of Smile House in September of 2013. Here is Shawn and Vlad (also known as Vova) placing the dedication plaque on the wall at Smile House.

Jerry and Steve

Jerry Abbott is the director of all of Europe for MANNA Worldwide.  It was his invitation that opened the door for Smile House and the Camp. Jerry and Steve have become very good friends and are looking at more opportunities in Romania in 2018. 

This is Heading

Camp Compass will always have a special place in our hearts.  This is all of the kids from the very first camp we held there.  We took them all shirts that said, "Jesus love me" in Ukrainian.  It was an awesome week.  One of these kids now lives just 50 miles from us in the states.

Our Purpose

What is the purpose of Cool Kids Ministries? That is an easy answer, two words, "Win Kids!" Now, let us explain that. We want to win kids to Jesus Christ. Did you know that 85% of all people that come to Christ do so before age 14? It is the most open mission field in the world. However we also want to win kids over to a life of character. If you learn to have character, you will be honest with yourself, with others and with the world. Honesty is the foundation of character. It will keep you from being a bully, keep you from drugs and save your life. Character is a choice, and we want to Win Kids over to that choice. So you see, we truly want to "Win Kids."

Changing The World


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