What is Cool Kids Ministries

That is the question that everyone wants answered. So let's answer it. We are a group of people who truly desire to reach this generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How do we do this?
We accomplish this through:

  • Kidz Storms (fast paced, high energy 90 minute program for kids)
  • Camps
  • Nights of Illusions (Public school magic shows that invite entire families to come see a one hour stage magic show at night)
  • Ventriloquist programs
  • Juggling programs
  • Missions outreach programs (we work in Ukraine, Romania, Taiwan, and Haiti on a regular basis)
  • Teacher training programs to teach others to do what we do
  • Interns - We invest in young people (high school and college students) to train them through hands on ministry to effectively reach this generation.

We are Cool Kids Ministries and we are passionate about reaching kids, because Jesus was passionate about reaching us. Therefore we are out to change the world, one child at a time!

Steve & Cheryl

Founders of Cool Kids Ministries!

Love Kids!

We really do love Kids!

Our Purpose

What is the purpose of Cool Kids Ministries? That is an easy answer, two words, "Win Kids!" Now, let us explain that. We want to win kids to Jesus Christ. Did you know that 85% of all people that come to Christ do so before age 14? It is the most open mission field in the world. However we also want to win kids over to a life of character. If you learn to have character, you will be honest with yourself, with others and with the world. Honesty is the foundation of character. It will keep you from being a bully, keep you from drugs and save your life. Character is a choice, and we want to Win Kids over to that choice. So you see, we truly want to "Win Kids."

Changing The World


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