Cheryl is Steve's wife.  They have been married for almost 40 years and have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  Cheryl is a gifted teacher, with two  Masters Degrees from Campbellsville University and University of the Cumberlands.  She is a teacher's teacher.  She has taught other classroom management and how to stay on task.  She works with special needs students and does her best to keep those students learning and growing at their pace.  Cheryl brings a plethora of tools to Cool Kids.  She can teach you how to organize your classroom, motivate your students, keep discipline in any situation and do it all with a smile on your faced.  But more than anything else, she can teach you have to love your students with the Love of God.  Cheryl is a soulwinner!  And her enthusiasm to reach students will rub off on you too.  She is Steve's right hand, most of his brain and (if he is honest) the one with all of the good ideas.  She can help you and your ministry.  As the President of Cool Kids Ministries, Cheryl is part of everything that takes place.  If you would like her to come and speak to your teachers or your ladies, contact her today.

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