Kelsey Wilson joined the Cool Kids Ministries team in May of 2017.  Steve and Cheryl have known Kelsey since she was 8 years old.  She has grown up in a pastor's home and began traveling with Cool Kids as an intern in 2011 and traveled each summer for 4 straight years.  Kelsey understands ministry.  She learned everything about being an intern and how to do the job very well.  She also learned how to train others to do that job equally well.  Kelsey is a 2016 graduate of Baptist Bible College with a Bachelor's in Education.  In May of this year she left her job in Springfield, MO and moved to northern Kentucky to live with Steve and Cheryl.  God immediately gave her a job in Grant County, KY teaching middle school English.  She will work there for a couple of years paying off student loans but still have summers free to travel and work with interns.  Kelsey will be heading up the entire intern team for Cool Kids Ministries.  Each year she will help select the interns, write the devotions for each group, select the skits, make job and travel assignments and more.  All of those year of being an intern have more than qualified her to train interns.  We are truly excited to have Kelsey as part of out team and know that she will do an excellent job.  
We are also excited because in the future we want to Kelsey to help us reach young ladies around the world.  Kelsey will be helping to train young ladies in other countries how to serve the Lord, be good stewards at their churches and so much more.  She will also help Cool Kids Ministries as we line out our trips and make it possible for us to take more people to the mission field so they can see first hand how God is working in the lives of people all over the world.  Welcome aboard Kelsey, we can't want to see all that God is going to do in and through you.  If you would like to have Kelsey come and speak to your young ladies how they can be more effective in reaching their friends and family, then contact us today.  She would love to come and share what God has called her to do.  Did I mention, Kelsey is a balloon maker extraordinaire.  If you name it, she can make it.  Wow, Kelsey can do it all!

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