Seth and Alexandria Maxwell joined Cool Kids Ministries in 2017.  They are both graduates of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado.  Seth has a Bachelor's in Youth Studies and Alex a Bachelor's in English.  They are both from northern Minnesota and were high school sweethearts.  Immediately upon graduation (and we do mean immediately) they began traveling with Cool Kids Ministries.  They traveled from Lakewood, CO to northern Ohio and began their training with Bro. Steve.  Then June 28th they set off on their own.  They have conducted camps, VBS programs, Nights of Illusions and more since that time.  Alex has also published her first book,, Anesthetic Blindness, a book of poems that she has written the last few years while in college.  They are both gifted and excited to be part of Cool Kids.  Seth is not only a gifted magician, but an extremely talented juggler and he can ride a unicycle, both normal and a 5 foot "giraffe" unicycle.  Kids love Seth and Alex and so will you.  If you would like to schedule them for your next event, contact us today!

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