Steve Harney is the founder, director and CEO of Cool Kids Ministries.  Steve has been a Pastor, Youth Pastor, Music Pastor and a Children's Pastor over the past 40 years.  He began traveling with an evangelist when he was just 17 and has been preaching and teaching ever since.  Steve is a graduate of Baptist Bible College with a BA in Theology and also has a Masters in Theology from Antioch Seminary.  For the past 14 years he and Cheryl have been traveling America and the world telling boys and girls about Christ and teaching adults how to be more successful at reaching children.  Each summer they conduct camps, VBS programs and then in the spring and fall they do teacher training sessions, Nights of Illusions and encourage children's ministry workers and Pastors to keep reaching this generation for Christ. Steve is also an author of more than 20 books regarding children's ministry and has written for Children's Ministry Magazine as well as having been a facilitator for Children's Ministry Magazine Live Workshops for 5 years. In 2015, the Cool Kids Ministries Team began to grow.  Today there are a total of 4 couples and 2 single young ladies who minister with Cool Kids Ministries.  That is 10 people who are trying to reach the children of America and yes, even the world and we are doing it, one child at a time.  We can make a difference, even if it is just for one!  If you are interested in scheduling Steve or any of the team for your church, contact them today and let's get you on the schedule.  There are over 74 million children in the United States of America.  We may not be able to reach them all, but we can reach a lot of them if we work together.  Why not give Cool Kids Ministries a call today? 

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Kidz Storm

Each year our Team will conduct almost 50 Kidz Storms all across America.  Many churches use this in place of a VBS and many as a children's revival.  It is a lot of fun for young and old!


Every summer, Cool Kids Ministries will conduct 10-15 camps across America.  We have a passion for reaching the children of America and telling them about Christ.

Nights of Illusions

Every year, we speak to 40,000 - 50,000 public school students teaching about character and anti-bullying. We then invite the students and their families to church for a FREE magic show.

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