A ministry, a dream, and a bunch of kids across America have touched lives for eternity

In 2015 Cool Kids Ministries began raising money to build a church, feeding center and school in Jerusalem, Haiti.  Working with MANNA Worldwide, and missionaries, Chuck Ward and Leny Funtecha kids of America did something that had never been done before with MANNA.  They raised the money!  In the fall of 2015 building began and in February, Steve and Adam visited Haiti and actually preached in that church.  By July of 2017 the feeding center opened and in the fall of 2016 so did the school.  Today approximately 100 children are being educated and fed every day by the school and feeding center and the church runs almost 300 in attendance and is continually growing.  Since then Cool Kids Ministries has purchased a motorcycle for Pastor Augustine in order for him to be able to get water from the well (5 miles away) to the feeding center, and to make it easier for him to visit his flock.  We have also purchased a motorcycle for another pastor, helped purchase land for a church in Leogane (there are over 40 Voodoo Temples in that town). As of now, 2021, we have helped to expand the orphanage, helped to start a school for the deaf and helped many other churches and pastors in Haiti. Please pray that the civil unrest will end soon and we can continue to go back to Haiti and make a difference, one child at a time! 

Inside the Jerusalem Church

The finished product.  After all of the building the paint was applied and benches, that also double for school work was built.  As you can see, there are more people than there are benches.  Good problems.

Steve Preaching

In February of 2016 Steve and Adam visited the church at Jerusalem, Haiti and Bro. Steve got to preach to the people that morning.  What a dream come true.  Thank you Lord for giving us the desires of our hearts!

Steve, Adam and Pastor Augustine

This is Pastor Augustine.  He oversees the flock in Jerusalem and is doing an excellent job.  Please keep him in your prayers as God leads him to lead the people of Jerusalem.

The Motorcycle

Pastor Leny Funtecha and Pastor Oges with his motorcycle.  It is 5 miles to the nearest well, so we were able to purchase a motorcycle for Pastor Oges so water could be brought back to the feeding center.

The Children of Haiti

From the moment we arrived in Haiti, the children captured our hearts.  Seeing them and knowing that without the love of Christ they have no hope.  It is a thrill to be able to know they now have some food, education and a chance to learn about Christ.

The Church at Leogane

This is the church in Leogane.  There were over 200 in the little building the morning we were there.  Many trusted Christ. There are also 26 Voodoo Temples in the town.  We want to go back this coming year and do a program in Leogane to reach many for Christ.  Please pray with us.

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