Smile House - Ukrainian Camps - Orphaned Children - and More

In 2010 the door opened for Cool Kids Ministries to begin ministering in Ukraine.  We first started with helping raise funds for a Bridge to Life Home called Smile House.  From there God gave us an open door to minister at a camp in a little town called Kreshatick.  God has continued to open doors in Ukraine, and now Seth and Alex have a sister church they work with and we also have Camp Willow Park which we can reach literally hundreds of kids with the love of Christ.  Please continue to pray as the ministry in Ukraine continues to grow and doors continue to open.

Smile House

From what it looked like in the beginning till today, well, it is just amazing.  This home can take care of a lot of kids and teach them the love of Christ and prepare them for a solid future.

Smile House Family

Here are Vlad and Nadia Rezmer.  They are the house parents and these are their children and some if the kids living there at the time Smile House was dedicated in 2014.  It is awesome to see all that God has done.

Dinner with Friends

On one of our trips, we were able to take most of the kids at Smile House out for dinner one night.  What a thrill to see something come to completion and see kids lives being changed for the glory of God!.

Shawn  and Vlad

Shawn Sullivan is now the MANNA Worldwide director for Eastern Europe and oversaw the dedication of Smile House in September of 2013. Here is Shawn and Vlad (also known as Vova) placing the dedication plaque on the wall at Smile House.

Jerry and Steve

Jerry Abbott is the director of all of Europe for MANNA Worldwide.  It was his invitation that opened the door for Smile House and the Camp. Jerry and Steve have become very good friends and are looking at more opportunities in Romania in 2018. 

This is Heading

Camp Compass will always have a special place in our hearts.  This is all of the kids from the very first camp we held there.  We took them all shirts that said, "Jesus love me" in Ukrainian.  It was an awesome week.  One of these kids now lives just 50 miles from us in the states.

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