Mr Wheels is going to blow you away!  "Poof, Mind Blown!"  His excitement, enthusiasm and love for kids is overwhelming.  You will be amazed at all Joshua, "Mr Wheels," can do.  Whether it is a magic show, just speaking to them or sharing his life story he will motivate and inspire everyone to do more.  Joshua, his wife Kelli and their son, Noah, travel together.  He can preach, do school assemblies, Kidz Storms, camps, revivals, mission conference and the list goes on.  The first time anyone at your church sees Mr Wheels come down the aisle, jump out of his chair, throw it on the stage, climb on the stage and into his chair, from that point on he will have their undivided attention.  Contact them today.  You will not be sorry and you will forever be changed.  You're going to love this family and their desire to reach others for the Lord!

Joshua Preaching

In the summer of 2017, Joshua started traveling with Cool Kids Ministries.  He preached and shared his testimony all across the country.  Churches, camps and kids loved him and so will you!.

Never say can't

From early in life, Joshua was taught never say can't.  Well, he doesn't!  As you can see from the above pictures, he pretty much does whatever he wants to do.  Not only is it inspiring, it is also challenging.  After all, if he can do that, what's our excuse?

Joshua before surgery

This is Joshua and his son Noah prior to the surgery.  See, he had legs, but God had another plan.  Joshua looks at it just that way.  This is nothing to be defeated about, this is what God wanted for him and he uses that to make a connection with others.  Wow!  Schedule the Rifenburgs today!.

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