What is a Kidz Storm?  For the past 14 years Cool Kids Ministries has been presenting Kidz Storms all across America.  A Kidz Storm is a 1 - 4 day kids revival, VBS, fun weekend, or basically whatever you want it to be.  It was created by Steve and Cheryl Harney in 2004 and has been used by hundred of churches.  It is 90 minutes of fast paced, interactive, fun and excitement for the entire family.  You will sing, laugh, get involved, see magic tricks, puppets and so much more.  It is a great way to reach out to the community and offer a special day, or it is a great alternative to normal VBS.  It takes place all in one room, and nothing last longer than about 7 minutes.  It is guaranteed to keep your attention and make you disappointed when it is finished.  This past year, the Cool Kids Team conducted almost 40 Kidz Storms between March and the end of September.  In 2018, we are looking to do even more.  If you think you might be interested in scheduling a Kidz Storm for your church, then contact us today.  We would be thrilled to come and share with you and your families all of the fun and excitement the Kidz Storm affords.  But don't wait, schedules fill up very quickly!  Contact us today!

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