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A The year, 2022, is going to be amazing! This year we are going to look into some really BIG events that happened in scripture. 
The creation of everything!
The flood of the entire earth!  
The birth of Jesus Christ!
The resurrection of Jesus Christ!
Learning about these history changing events will not only help your children, but they will also help you, your workers, your dads and moms and anyone else.  All the time we are going to have lots of fun.  Our digital puppets will be there again, along with the t-shirt cannons, TP bazookas, Doreeto, his cousin Cheetoe, some crazy games and lots of give-a-ways, prizes and so much more.  This year is going to be our best year ever and you don't want to miss it.  Please go to our DropBox and download what you need to get started.  Contact us immediately if you don't already have a date and let's get you on the calendar.  Spaces are filling up quickly, don't wait too long or you may miss it all.

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Meet our Puppet for 2022 
Plus others

Decorating Ideas

A Our theme this year, This is Big, can go anyway you would like for it to go.  We are using a video with a galaxy background (see below) but we will dress in shirts that say "I'm a Whosoever, This is Big!  Have fun and decorate with anything around that.  We are going to emphasize the phrase, "This is Big" over and over.  We will have a lot of fun and you can have some as well.  Have your leaders dress up however you would like.  You really can't go wrong with this theme.  Our team will be wearing shirts that have the logo on them.  We will have everything for the stage, you can go crazy with everything else.

Worker Recruiting Videos

George Bush Heroes

Kidz Storm Volunteers

Penny Offering Mission Project

A Once again this year we will be focusing on the Lion Project, but 2022 is a little more personal than last year.  Last year we raised money for The Lion Project and you guys raised $9,000 for boys and girls to hear about Jesus Christ.  This year, we are raising money to take Elephants (Just like the Lions) to Africa and give them to the boys and girls at a camp we will be doing in Zambia.  We are going to need about 25-30 elephants and we have to get to Africa as well.  So we truly need your help.  Our entire team will be going, so this is going to be an exciting trip.  If you can help us through your VBS Kidz Storm penny offering that would be awesome.  We are truly excited to be able to take the Gospel to many who have never heard about Jesus before.  So thank you in advance for making this possible.  This is going to be an awesome year!

A Video for Altar Workers to Watch

A  Here is a great video for your altar workers to watch. This will help them to be prepared to work with the kids that come in the invitation. This is the video that we make all of our interns watch and this is the way we deal with children. I think you will find it very beneficial.

Kidz Storm This is Big  Songs  
We will use some edited versions of these songs.  The songs we will use are available through the dropbox link below for you to download and start singing.  You can also see our video logo below as well.

A .

Kidz Storm Downlads
All the info you will need is located in this file.  Please be sure to read everything.  
Thank you!

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