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A It never ceases to amaze me how God can take a soul that is battered and torn and suddenly make it brand new.  As if by magic, a person who is broken one day can be whole the next day.  Transformed, changed, in the an instant.  The Bible tells us that "old things pass away and behold, all things become new."

That is the magic that we want you and your kids to see this year.  How God can miraculously and instantly change a life forever, and that is the best magic of all.  Steve has been saying that for years, "What I do is just a trick, but what God does - well, that is magic.  He can take nothing and make something out of it.  He did it with my life.  He made a child of the King and that is something!"  

This is going to prove to be a very exciting year.  We have a new digital puppet and everyone has something new to bring to the program this year.  You are going to love The Magic Factory and so will your kids.  Below is all of the information that you need.  Your Team leaders will be contact you early in 2018 to make sure that everything is ready and to see if you have any questions.  

We are looking forward to see all of the Magic that God is going to do this year.  Will you join and pray with us that this will be the best year ever?  God bless and we will see you soon.

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A Meet the Professor, The Kids will love him and all of our other digital puppets.

Cool Kid

A New this year will be the Cool Kid! He and the Professor will be teaching us about the Magic of God in our lives.  

Decorating Ideas

A When it comes to decorating this year, may we suggest that you follow along with anything that is magic related.  We will fill the stage with bright colors, lights and our pop-ups and equipment.  It is all centered around primary colors and bright lights.  Anything along those lines will be great for you to use.  You can find all kinds of ideas at Oriental Trading and at Shindigz.  Please feel free to have fun and go crazy.

Worker Recruiting Videos

George Bush Heroes

Kidz Storm Volunteers

Penny Offering Mission Project

A This year our penny offering is going to help each team with their individual mission projects.  Each Team leader will be contacting you with the information for their project. It is thrilling to us to know that we can make a difference in so many places around the world and we are excited to be able to partner with you in reaching these boys and girls.  This is going to be an exciting year.  Please make plans on helping us "change the world, one child at a time."  

A Video for Altar Workers to Watch

A  Here is a great video for your altar workers to watch. This will help them to be prepared to work with the kids that come in the invitation. This is the video that we make all of our interns watch and this is the way we deal with children. I think you will find it very beneficial.

Magic Factory  Songs

A To be posted in a couple of weeks.

Kidz Storm Downlads
All the info you will need is located in this file.  Please be sure to read everything.  
Thank you!

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